This spring-summer 2023 collection takes the rider into a colourful, soft universe with pastel notes, each piece has been designed to echo sublime summer settings: fields of lavender, a beach at sunset or the woody nuances of a rattan terrace. In addition to these summer colours, technicality is nestled in every detail: a sporty and feminine line with floral perforations in the fabric, embroidery and crystals, satin work, fabrics carefully chosen for its comfort and technicality... Pastel shades blend harmoniously, like a sky set ablaze by the setting sun. Each texture is studied, each seam meticulously thought out, to offer flawless comfort to those who will wear these creations. The collection is a hymn to the ephemeral beauty of the summer season, a subtle blend of lightness, refinement and technicality


   The spring-summer collection was created to be technical and sporty while combining functionality and style. The fabrics used are high quality, breathable and lightweight to ensure comfort and optimal performance. The colours are bright and bold to bring a touch of dynamism to the outfits. The pieces are designed to meet the demands of sportsmen and women, but also to be versatile and suitable for everyday life. Technical details such as flat seams, zipped pockets, mesh... are integrated to improve performance and durability. The materials used are odour and moisture resistant for optimal comfort during intense sports activities. Accessories, such as caps and socks, are also designed to meet the needs of athletes with technical and adapted materials. All in all, this spring-summer collection combines functionality, aesthetics and high quality to offer sportsmen and women high-performance and stylish clothing and accessories for the summer season.


The Spring-Summer 2023 collection is inspired by a colourful, summery world. These shades have given their name to four capsule collections. These are categorised by colour and shade so you can choose your favourite looks by playing with different colour palettes. 

Discover below our four Colour Capsules collections from the Spring/Summer 2023 Collection entitled "Blooming Fusion".


The colours in the "Ruby Radiance" capsule are inspired by the warm pink tones of summer: a field of lavender or a dazzling sunset. 

The palette includes Plum, Amethyst Mauve, Lila, Vintage Rose, Powder Pink and Cherry Red.


The "Midnight Odyssey" palette is inspired by darker but equally summery colours. These shades echo the blue of the ocean, the sky on a sunny day or a soft summer night. 

In this capsule you will find the colours Tempest, Slate Grey, Dark Shadow, Midnight Blue, Azure Blue and Powder Blue.


The "Mocha Harmony" capsule refers to more golden and woody colours. The inspiration comes from the sand of the beach or the hazelnut colour of wooden terraces. 

The "Mocha Harmony" collection consists of the following colours: Brown, Ebony, Sand and Black.


"Herbal Oasis" is the latest capsule in the Spring-Summer 2023 "Blooming Fusion" collection. This palette is a gentle blend of herbal and marine notes. The colours include Forest Green, Sea Spray, Evergreen and Lagoon. 

These colours are a hymn to the beauty of summer nature, like the spray of a rough sea or the breathtaking blue of a heavenly lagoon.